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Magic and Waichin valleys are hidden valleys and can be classified as secret locations only known to a few. Magic Valley is located higher up near the village of Malana and is a tranquil place with plantations and has no village but only campsites. It is akin to becoming one with nature and watching the magical skies in the night full of shooting stars and listening to the songs of the mountains. Waichin Valley is the name of a hidden place that the trail bifurcates for near the last roadhead of Malana. It is said to be owned by foreigners and accommodation in Waichin Valley is also in the form of tented accommodation and camps. Food is freshly made in both these new locations in Parvati Valley and these places are for travellers, who are keen on spending some time with themselves without any modern comforts.

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Sightseeing, Trekking to chota grahn, Bdaa Grahn, Water fall, Sports - Chess, Ludo- Snakes n Ladders, Volleyballl, Cricket. Common room facilities, Music, DJ night, Mountain and Local folk songs.


Guide will 'guide' you to explore new places.


Sitting in a muddy field underneath the night sky means only one thing, its bonfire night.


Go on a long adventurous journey, typically on foot.


Spend the night under sky full of stars.


Do you need car? Or parking place for your car. We will take care of it.


DJ night and local folk songs.

“ Their high quality of service makes me come back over and over again!”

— Raj


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